DROUGHT - Trimurti (black vinyl) - LP
DROUGHT Trimurti (black vinyl)

Trimurti (black vinyl)

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Data di uscita: 05 agosto 2020
formato: LP
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Regular black edition, comes with printed innersleeve and with an insert

Drought is an entity spawned to channel its creators’ creative energy in a black metal form. The Tantric concept has been adopted to transform this energy into a tale of upheaval and elevation, using fire as a metaphor to celebrate spiritual transformation through cleansing, drawing purity from impurity. After a promising debut EP Drought fell into several years of silence, from which they will finally rise this spring to unleash their first full-length album, Trimurti.

As a Lotus grows from the swamp, enlightenment comes from improvement and regeneration. In Trimurti this theme is reprised from the previous ep Rudra Bhakti (2016, also on Avantgarde Music) and deepened, generating three suites - each explaining one of the three phases of this spiritual turmoil, as well as the three phases of Pranayama, and overall, the three phases of evolution: awareness - transformation - elevation. Nine tracks divided into three conceptual segments - this new opus develops and brings forth the tantric concept of the previous release, articulating it into a full spiritual blast of extreme music.

When asked to introduce the album, Drought said: “Trimurti represents the tantric chemistry of our creative energies and the ones kept within the sea, the mountains and the woods which surround us, channeled into music to celebrate the eternal life hidden in this world and in the ones behind it”.

Trimurti will be out on cd and lp (regular and limited) on May 15th / 22nd