ESKAPISM Ancient Songs of the Wind

Ancient Songs of the Wind

€ 10,00

nazione: UKR
etichetta: Wolfspell
anno: 2019
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Eskapism is back with another Atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece. Second album called "Ancient Songs of the Wind" will be out during Summer Solstice. Check out the lyric video for "Cold Breath of North" which announces greatness of the album.
Digipak with booklet limited to 500 copies

1. Revival 07:27
2. The Last Words of the Wind 06:37
3. Autumn Sorrow 07:34
4. The Cold Breath of North 05:24
5. Dead Willow 07:20
6. Lost Land 08:16
7. De Planctu Naturae 05:02
8. Wind from Niflheim 07:18 instrumental