EVILFEAST Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest

Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest

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nazione: POL
etichetta: Eisenwald
anno: 2018
formato: CD
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Ristampa 2018

Originally released in 2004, Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest is a sarcophagi of despair as the album’s nine tracks account for a hour’s worth of raw misanthropic misery. Hauntingly primal, the album’s evocative nature is matched by its flawless lo-fi production of ghostly guitars and ethereal synths. Evilfeast’s lone multi-instrumentalist, GrimSpirit, begins his prolific body of work with a wintry dissonance. With over two decades of depraved black metal under his belt, it is easy to see why Evilfeast belongs alongside Burzum, Paysage d'Hiver and Midnight Odyssey.