FALAISE My Endless Immensity

My Endless Immensity

€ 14,00

etichetta: Sad Sadness Song
anno: 2017
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


4 panel digipak edition.

The sole definition of Depressive Black Metal doesn't fit anymore to Falaise.
With their second effort the italian duo is ready to further cross the boundries of this genre to involve the expanding vision of post-rock and indie tunes.
This defragmented vanishing flux of emotions is well shifted on the cover, the mind and the feelings are like swallowed into the infinity of cosmos.
A tribute to Amesoeurs is performed with the cover song "Les Ruches Malades" providing a possible chance of comparision. If "As Time Goes Bye" was already an impressive and coherent collection of emotionally heart wrenching songs maturity has been achieved with "My Endless Immensity", where the different chapters seems like part of a bigger scenario.