FALGAR La Dama Del Alba

La Dama Del Alba

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etichetta: Atmf
anno: 2018
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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What if Varg Vikernes’ most appreciated masterpieces Hvis Lyset Tar Oss/Filosofem era would be projected on a melancholic and medieval artistic environment ? The answer, improved by skillful arrangements & a prominent emotional vibe, may be “La Dama Del Alba”.
ATMF cult editions take back from the ashes another small gem of the very underground, from Falgar, a project moving from the Black Metal fields of this album to recently land to folk territories.
Originally released by Nebular Winter Productions on cassette format “La Dama Del Alba” can be in many ways considered as one of the most remarkable manifestations of the post-burzumish depressive/melancholic wave. Forgotten by the most powerful promotional & distribution channels the cult edition finally provides to this small piece of art a whorty form.
The edition is enriched by 2 bonus songs “The Whispers of Diana” & “Her Sacred Dwelling”, never released before on cd format, chosen by the artist as representative of the pre-Dama del Alba Falgar artistic form.
“La Dama Del Alba” is now a glorious artistic epitaph of the cult edition, together with the more macabre counterpart Beatrik’s “Journey Through the End of Life”.

1. Invocación 01:11
2. La dama del alba 06:57
3. Renacimiento 06:25
4. Seguiré 05:46
5. Fango y frío 05:11
6. Laberintos 05:54
7. Artemisa 06:25
8. The Whispers of Diana 06:32
9. Her Sacred Dwelling 08:32