FERUM - Asunder/Erode - CD
FERUM Asunder/Erode


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Ferum is a death doom metal band originated in Italy, but now scattered
over two countries. Asunder / Erode, the band’s debut album, is an
obsessive and monolithic record. Slow, funereal riffs are tied to faster,
sharper parts, while harmonized melodies and solos paint a cavernous
atmosphere. The drums wisely marches, moving from the background into
the spotlight, always followed by the bass guitar.
Asunder / Erode was recorded and mixed at Walter Productions in Tallinn,
Estonia by producer and sound engineer Are Kangus. The studio is located
inside the historic Tallinna Linnahall, a behemoth built during the Soviet
occupation. Today it is an urban wreck kept alive by few commercial
activities which are based on the inside: it is in fact closed to the public,
with the exception of some parts. Its interior is a maze of stillbirth potential,
and inspired one of the album's pieces.
The record was mixed completely in analogue to give the songs a deeper,
more archaic, real thickness. The master by Dan Swanö added the final
touches, making the album consistent, organic and even heavier.
Conceptually, Asunder / Erode is a journey that explores the idea of
separation and its dichotomy, up to erosion and collapse. This is
represented in a morbid and extreme way by the cover by Maestro Paolo
Girardi. The choice of oil on canvas follows the same logic of the analogue
mix: to make the whole as natural, as real as possible, and to pay homage
to the influences that inspired Ferum, by reinterpreting them