FORGOTTEN TOMB - Nihilistic Estrangement (black LP) - LP
FORGOTTEN TOMB Nihilistic Estrangement (black LP)

Nihilistic Estrangement (black LP)

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nazione: ITA
etichetta: Agonia
Data di uscita: 13 maggio 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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Nihilistic Estrangement", FORGOTTEN TOMB's tenth studio album, opens a new chapter in the enduring history of the band and at the same time celebrates it through its stylistically eclectic tracklist which includes nods to the band's whole back-catalogue; from its early, depressive black metal roots (a genre FORGOTTEN TOMB was crucial in defining) to eerily dark blues/rock passages and finally exploring different shades of extreme doom.

The album is enriched by retro-elegance thanks to the vintage analogue techniques that were used in the studio during its recording process, giving it a timeless appeal. "Nihilistic Estrangement" is a highly refreshing album that perfectly captures the very essence of FORGOTTEN TOMB