THE FROZEN AUTUMN - Pale Awakening (trans. blue vinyl) - 2LP
THE FROZEN AUTUMN Pale Awakening (trans. blue vinyl)

Pale Awakening (trans. blue vinyl)

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nazione: ITA
etichetta: Avantgarde Music
Data di uscita: 15 agosto 2022
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo



Pale Awakening is the debut album by The Frozen Autumn, which originally saw the light in 1995 following the demotape Oblivion and various live gigs in Italy and abroad. These led to the CD release of this concept album with crepuscular sounds, at times inspired by the sound of 4AD and Projekt Records.

Ten pieces that unfold between reflective and atmospheric moments, imbued with melancholy with more rhythmic openings, yet always characterized by a common feature: the oniric plane, the certainty of the existence of parallel realities, the escape from everyday life to embark on an inner journey, aware that "there is something beyond".

27 years after the first edition, Avantgarde Music re-releases Pale Awakening in two valuable collectible formats: 12 "colored double vinyl in a gatefold cover with lyrics, and digipak CD with booklet containing pictures, verses and bonus tracks.


1. Pale Awakening
2. Again
3. Winter
4. Another Tear
5. Onyria
6. This Time
7. In The Nightime
8. Wait For Nothing
9. When Drams Became Memories
10. This Time remix [CD bonus track]
11. Bio Vital [CD bonus track]