FUNERAL WINDS - The Unheavenly Saviour - LP
FUNERAL WINDS The Unheavenly Saviour

The Unheavenly Saviour

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nazione: HOL
etichetta: Nuclear War Now
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Includes a professionally printed, semi-glossy, double-sided, 12x12" insert.

Tracks A1 to A5 were originally released as La Majesté Infernable (Demo '93) cassette. Recorded 27-2-1993 at t' Repetitiehuis, Vlaardingen.
Tracks B1 and B2 were originally released (with an intro not included here) as the Reh./Demo '92 cassette. Recorded 22-12'92 at t' Repetitiehuis, Vlaardingen.
Track B3 was originally released on the Teach Your Soul With Fire compilation cassette. Soundboard recording live at Baroeg in 1993.
Track B4 is a previously unreleased track from the 1995 Godslayer XUL studio recording session, the last recording with Gorgoroth on vocals. Gorgoroth was removed from the line-up during the recordings of the Godslayer XUL album.

La Majesté Infernale (Demo II 1993)
A1 Demon Overture (Intro)
Written-By – Demogorgon (22), Gorgoroth (3), Hellchrist*
A2 Steps Of Ritual
A3 Crypts Of The Black Fog
A4 The Eternal Flame
A5 Unheavenly Saviour
Reh/Demo '92 (Demo I 1992)
B1 The Unheavenly Saviour
B2 Crypts Of The Black Fog
Live At Baroeg 1993
B3 Crypts Of The Black Fog
Studio 1995
B4 Twilight Shine Upon My Crypt