GRAVENOIRE - Devant La Porte Des Etoiles - LP
GRAVENOIRE Devant La Porte Des Etoiles

Devant La Porte Des Etoiles

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etichetta: Season of Mist
Data di uscita: 23 agosto 2024
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

Disponibile dal 23 agosto 2024

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In the mist-shrouded realm of black metal, GRAVENOIRE emerges as a phantasm, a spectral echo of the genre's most unyielding and arcane iterations. Combining the talents of present and past members of Anorexia Nervosa, Seth, BÂ’A and Diablation, this harbinger of the aether marries the raw, unfiltered essence of 90s black metal with the enigmatic lore of its ancestral land - France.

‘Devant la porte des étoiles’ is a portal, cast from the ancient stones of primordial rites and cosmic despair. This GRAVENOIRE debut, forged in the live crucible of rehearsal chambers untainted by modernity's corroding touch, channels the unsanctioned, unbridled energies of realms both spectral and telluric. From the inaugural summoning rites of the instrumental “Pavens” to the devotional desolation of “Granit”, each track serves as a tome, inscribed with the ink of rebellion, mysticism, and the unquenchable thirst for transcendence. GRAVENOIRE invites the listener to tread the forgotten paths beneath the starlit dome, to reunite with the ancient forces that pulse in the earth's hidden veins.