GRAVEWORM The Nuclear Blast Recordings

The Nuclear Blast Recordings

€ 16,00 € 12,80

nazione: ITA
etichetta: Dissonance
anno: 2018
formato: BOX CD
Condizione: Nuovo


3-CD Boxset

uring Graveworm's illustrious career they released 3 albums through German label Nuclear Blast. "Engraved In Black" (2003), "[N]utopia" (2005) and "Fragments Of Death" (2011). Dissonance Productions have now rolled these symphonic metal classics into one package, perfect for the diehard fans or as an introduction to newcomers. A must have for metal heads all round! 

CD 1: (Engraved In Black, 2003)
CD 2: ([N]utopia, 2005)
CD 3: (Fragments Of Death, 2007)