HEXENBRETT - Zweite Beschwörung - LP
HEXENBRETT Zweite Beschwörung

Zweite Beschwörung

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etichetta: Dying Victims
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.

It was at the dawn of 2019 when a strange little demo inconspicuously announced itself from the other side and introduced the sound of the bloody iris. Titled Erste Beschwörung, it was the first public recording of one HEXENBRETT, the work of a mysterious duo revealing themselves as Josto Feratu and Scarlettina Bolétte. This was a literal bolt from the blue, sounds that were as refreshingly new as they were authentically old. “Cemetery sounds” is what the band called them, but that only told half the story. Wild and wily, HEXENBRETT unloaded a dizzying payload of sounds both traditional and unorthodox, dumping into its hot-rockin’ cauldron spices from first-wave black metal, Iron Curtain-era speed metal, outsider doom, and even old-school deathrock. It was a kaleidoscopic spin, and caught the attention of Caligari Records (who did a wider cassette release) and then DYING VICTIMS with their 12” vinyl version toward the end of the year. Lots of other, strange-starved ears picked up on it, too.

1.Ein Kind Zu Töten I 01:02
2.Lass Schlafende Leichen Ruhen 05:27
3.Spalovač Mrtvol 04:56
4.La Tumba De Los Muertos Vivientes 04:08
5.The Spider Song 03:17
6.Ein Kind Zu Töten II 03:24
7.Attraverso Sette Porte All'Inferno 05:42
8.Blutige Seide 04:31
9.Le Requiem Des Vampires 04:49