HORRENDOUS - Sweet Blasphemies - LP
HORRENDOUS Sweet Blasphemies

Sweet Blasphemies

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nazione: USA
etichetta: Dark descent
anno: 2019
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Single side 12" LP w/ silk screen B-side featuring art from Mark Riddick. 

Originally recorded and self-released on homemade CD-R in 2009. Released on solid red cassette tape in 2010 by Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague Records with a repressing on translucent red tapes. Re-released in 2014 on CD and vinyl with new art and an unreleased bonus track (Disgusting Beyond Belief) from 2009/2010.

A1 The Mystic 3:29
A2 Ridiculous Flesh 3:12
A3 Reanimated 5:22
A4 Putrid Rebirth 2:44
A5 Disintegrating Into Obscurity 3:47
A6 Disgusting Beyond Belief 3:35