HRIZG Soterion


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etichetta: Moribund
anno: 2018
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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The triumphant return of the #1 Spanish black / death metal band! Founded in 2005, after one demo, Hrizg was quickly signed and released their debut album Oaken Path of Grief in 2007 establishing a large and loyal underground fan base. Signing with iconic metal institution Moribund Records in 2011, Hrizg immediately unleashed their landmark second album, Anthems To Decrepitude, which garnered critical praise from both press and fans alike for it's roots in the legendary sounds of Mayhem, Root, Mystifier, Tormentor and Mortuary Drape while cultivating a sound uniquely their own. Not a band to remain idol, they swiftly released the Inferno MCD also in 2011, followed by Hrizg's ground-breaking third album, Individualism, which saw the band further expand their trademark sound and grow dramatically in both song writing and composing skills. Now, Hrizg returns with Soterion, their most accomplished, complex and mature release to date. While keeping their classic original sound rooted in the 1990's black metal masters, Soterion see's Hrizg adding '80s thrashy Celtic-Frosty elements into even more dynamic song writing, all without sacrificing the rocking vibe of true heavy metal! With Soterion, Hrizg initiates a new Inquisition not just in Spain - but one that will subjugate the entire heavy metal world! Monstrous black/death metal evoking the ancient masters Mayhem, Root, Mystifier, Tormentor and Mortuary Drape!

1. Intro (0:36)
2. Cisma (4:33)
3. Unholy Ritual of Death (4:40)
4. The Mystery of the Dead Stars (5:53)
5. Bleeding Sacred Signs (4:40)
6. Psalms for the Repudiated (5:32)
7. Riddle of Doom (4:33)
8. The Aftermath (4:58)
9. Odium (3:39)
10. Misanthropic Apotheosis (5:00)
11. Sword of Vlendios [Bonus Track] (3:37)