HUMAN AGONY - Putrescence of Calvary - LP
HUMAN AGONY Putrescence of Calvary

Putrescence of Calvary

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etichetta: Invictus
Data di uscita: 10 febbraio 2021
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Comparisons to Conqueror, Revenge, and Black Witchery are inevitable, and indeed, HUMAN AGONY are among the few elite bands deserving of such comparisons. That the band hails from Victoria, B.C.—known for the infamous Ross Bay Cemetery and a longstanding history of Satanic and occult activity—naturally also draws attention to the profound influence of Blasphemy. But HUMAN AGONY offer more than rote regurgitation of the bestial black/death and war metal tropes.

1.Introduction 01:05
2.Corpse Womb of Antichrist 02:28
3.Unwilling Blood 03:07
4.Covering Cherubim 02:43
5.Doctrine of Cruelty 02:17
6.Mouth of Spears 02:29
7.... 01:34
8.Purity Withdrawn (Angelic Castration) 03:44
9.Mastered on Crucifix 02:57
10.Eviscerated for Ritual 03:01
11.Putrescence of Calvary 02:40
12.Outro 02:17