INFANDOUS The Wolven Age

The Wolven Age

€ 10,00

etichetta: Darker Than Black
anno: 2018
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Cryptic, Crawling Progressive Black Metal.
We have reached the culmination of an epoch. The rubble and filth of a dying civilization lay strewn around us, soon to bury us whole.
The meek and docile trudge on, aware of the ever pervasive stench, yet burdened with a naive optimism, believing their lustrous kings and queens will eventually act on their behalf.
It is time to transcend the effeminate disposition that has obfuscated our sense of justice and righteous conduct. It is time to assume sword and shield under the banner of Othala, as our ancestors have for centuries prior.
Fathom this not as a mere commodity of entertainment, but rather a tool for metaphysical transformation, in which to align you on your path - for your free thought has failed you.
Rejoice ardent lineage of The Wolven Age, for the greater war is nigh, bestowing us thus with a reason to finally live.

Digipack CD with 8 pages booklet.

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