INGVARR - A Dire Prediction - DIGI CD
INGVARR A Dire Prediction

A Dire Prediction

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etichetta: Naturmacht
Data di uscita: 15 aprile 2024
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


On the second album of Italian Dungeon Synth duo Ingvarr (Morwinyon, Falaise) created a more melodic and orchestral entity compared to the previous one.

Mysterious and soothing, following an imaginary cult practising unknown and treacherous sorcery.

Pro CDr in high quality 4-Panel DigiPak w. glossy varnish, first edition limited to 50 copies

1. A Dire Prediction Of The Oracle
2. The Return Of The Exiled Sorcerer
3. Recruiting New Adepts
4. A Cult Rising From The Outcasts
5. Obscure Runes Of The Old Scrolls
6. Coveted Revenge
7. Spells Against Steel
8. His Last Breath