INHERITS THE VOID - Scars Of Yesteryears (M / L / XL) - TS
INHERITS THE VOID Scars Of Yesteryears (M / L / XL)

Scars Of Yesteryears (M / L / XL)

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nazione: FRA
etichetta: Avantgarde Music
Data di uscita: 21 giugno 2024
formato: TS
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French one-man melodic black metal band Inherits The Void is back with the third studio album in four years. Fifteen months after the acclaimed The Impending Fall Of The Stars, multi-instrumentalist A is back with a brand-new studio record.
As introduced by Inherits The Void mastermind A. himself, “Scars Of Yesteryears is a melodic black metal album which embodies the artistic choices initiated with its predecessor. However, Scars Of Yesteryears is more diverse in its musical influences, while wanting to be more direct and incisive in its musical approach. In this, the album draws its inspiration from both the Swedish and French Black Metal scenes with the aim of combining the stylistic visions specific to each universe.
The eight songs that follow one another in the album reflect a now more enterprising crossover between Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal and early Melodic Death Metal, combining also more epic and doomy parts than in the past.
The theme of the album deals with the legacy left by past and present societies, whether through struggles, revolutions or even through the traces that we ourselves leave and which, themselves, lead to the destruction of our environment”.
Doubtlessly Inherits The Void’s most diverse and mature work to date, Scars Of Yesteryears succeeds in paying homage to the godfathers of the Swedish death and black metal scene, yet keeping a personal, present sound and never giving in to mere nostalgia.