INSORCIST - The Slaughter of Divine Creed - CD
INSORCIST The Slaughter of Divine Creed

The Slaughter of Divine Creed

€ 10,00

nazione: CHI
etichetta: Blasphemy
anno: 2011
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Obscure and fast. These two words basically describe INSORCIST's debut. Released by both, Apocalyptic Records and Blasphemy Art Records, this album has a little of everything. Members are well seasoned, talented individuals who managed to put on tape a nice raw, well-balanced production of amazing musicianship. The vocals, ranging from deep to mid-tone growling, are kinda buried in the mix; but don't get me wrong, they add up to the overall gloomy atmosphere. The drum work is simply amazing, pounding non-stop along the way and some songs highlight great bass work too. Guitars shift from fast tremolo riffing to heavy as hell power chords, some harmonized lines and blazing leads. I hate to compare bands, but INSORCIST could easily be the bastard child of MY OWN GRAVE and (old) IMMOLATION. With this said, one can only conclude the obvious result: a hellish spawn of heavy and ultra-fast Death Metal. A relentless 30 minute attack that shall appeal to any self-proclaimed Death Metal fan. If you don't bang your head to "The Slaughter Of Divine Creed" you might as well be dead.