ISRATHOUM - Antru Kald - CD

Antru Kald

€ 9,00

nazione: HOL
etichetta: Daemon Worship
anno: 2015
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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"Three years after the fantastic "Black Poison and Shared Wounds" ISRATHOUM returns! The trio of VxInfr, Arvath and W.uR delivers a wicked and poisonous audial assault with a new MLP record, entitled "Antru Kald". Originally started as a conceptual project as far back as 1998, it is only now - 17 years later - revealed and unleashed upon mankind. It represents all that defines ISRATHOUM: it adheres to the roots, but doesn't let itself be entangled in the vines, instead developing and evolving upon them into a formation, that is unlike anything else in the scene. This conceptual piece was recorded over several years, with help from Mories of black industrial movement GNAW THEIR TONGUES, who is also responsible for the cover art. The mastering was once again done by Kark of DØDSENGEL.