ITHAQUA - Initiation to Obscure Mysteries - CD
ITHAQUA Initiation to Obscure Mysteries

Initiation to Obscure Mysteries

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etichetta: Iron bonehead
anno: 2015
formato: CD
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ITHAQUA's debut demo, Initiation to Obscure Mysteries. Hailing from Greece, this brand-new duo honor their homeland's ancient black metal tradition - think earliest Rotting Christ and Varathron - by creating pulsing monoliths of arcane mysticism and epic heavy metal might. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Initiation to Obscure Mysteries is, in fact, a lost demo from the Greek scene circa 1992, such is its authentic adherence to this proud tradition, even down to the Storm Studios-esque production. Swathed in mysterious synths, occult atmosphere, and unforgettable riffery, ITHAQUA are just beginning their ascent...