KRINGA - Feast upon the Gleam - CD
KRINGA Feast upon the Gleam

Feast upon the Gleam

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etichetta: Terratur
Data di uscita: 07 gennaio 2020
formato: CD
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After almost 10 years of existence, a handful of demos, EP’s and constant gigging, the obscure Austrians is ready with their debut album after all. Expect nothing but a mental ambush, devouring frenzy, and the chants of the ecstatic lunacy!

1.As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise 06:20
2.Unwind The Gap Anew! 06:54
3.To Sleep In Vermin Velvet 06:30
4.Eroding Passage 08:24
5.Cloak Of Unbound Fears 07:41
6.Eyes Of Stone 09:06