KVAEN - The funeral pyre - LP
KVAEN The funeral pyre

The funeral pyre

€ 16,00

etichetta: Black Lion
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Funeral Pyre delivers well-executed Black Metal from the north, from blistering blashyrkh riffs that will rattle you in the neck, and take the listener back to the times when evil reigned from 80s classic speed metal riffs to ringing Dive bombs, right up to the church-burning pagan worshiping 90's Black Metal, Kvaen is like a marriage between the northern 90's black metal with a hint of the Swedish melodic black metal, Funeral Pyre grabs the listener and takes it on a wild ride through Norwegian deep forests through mountains and deep valleys.
Kvaen keeps the listener engaged with a knife against the throat until the beautiful end Funeral Pyre will go down in Black Metal history

1. Revenge By Fire
2. Yee Naaldlooshii
3. The Funeral Pyre
4. Septem Peccata Mortalia
5. The Wolves Throne
6. AS We Serve The Masters Plan
7. Bestial Winter
8. Hymn To Kvaenland