LEPROUS - The Congregation 2LP Picture Disc - 2LP
LEPROUS The Congregation 2LP Picture Disc

The Congregation 2LP Picture Disc

€ 22,00

etichetta: Alone Records
anno: 2019
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Picture disc reissue of The Congregation, Leprous´s fourth album nominated for the 2015 Spellmannprisen (Norwegian Grammy) in the category “Best Metal Album”. This album must be considered a key work for any open-minded progressive music lover. Deep lyrics that shade serious matters of a modern life are masterly threaded into sharp, clear and tremendous musical arrangements from the first listen.

 Leprous keeps developing its sound but, like in any of the band’s previous releases, The Congregation still keeps the authentic identity and recognizability from their previous works. Moments when Leprous surprise, experiment and freely explore within their music building their strength, fuel their power and make them so special in 21st century prog music.

 This edition is presented as Double Picture Disc LP, with Trifold jacket and printed inner sleeves, limited to 500 copies worldwide.