LURK Kaldera


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etichetta: Doomentia
anno: 2014
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Usato

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Doom, Sludge and a little black/death... all those elements are present again; this time with an even more expansive sound. The grooves of “Below Flesh” are massive and ominous. The sound is thick and weighty. “Lorn” follows with glacial clean guitars and murky bass to start. The mix is murky in the best way for the style and the drums loosely hold the track together with some stylish. I noted the Crowbar influence in the first record, I believe- it is present again here and very welcome it is too
The title track is saved for last and, sure enough, “Kaldera” is worth the wait. The band flex their muscles over the nine mutes and eleven seconds that finish the record. The riffing is excellent- using weight, dynamics and creepy note patterns to get the point across.