MALIGN - Demo 1/95 - LP - LP
MALIGN Demo 1/95 - LP

Demo 1/95 - LP

€ 19,00

nazione: SWE
etichetta: Shadow Records
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo



The full version of their classic 4 track 1995 demo, also including alternative versions of each song finally available on LP, CD & MC. 
LP verson includes a massive 24 page A5 size fanzine featuring  in depth band history, describing the first chapter of the bands history and what lead up to the formation of Malign and their debut 1995 demo.

Side A recorded at Skärholmens Ungdomsgård during two days in December of 1995. Side B consists of various recordings made between 1994 and 1996. All music by Malign. Lyrics by Mörk except for "Blod Skall Flöda" written by Sonya Ivarsdotter. Mastered by Micke Andersson, Studio XXVII

1. Blod skall flöda
2. Extirpation of the Feeble
3. The Wanderer
4. Covenant of Black Souls
5. Blod skall flöda (Alternative version)
6. Extirpation of the Feeble (Alternative version)
7. The Wanderer (Alternative version)
8. Covenant of Black Souls (Alternative version)