MAVORIM - Non Omnis Moriar - CD
MAVORIM Non Omnis Moriar

Non Omnis Moriar

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nazione: GER
etichetta: Purity Through Fire
Data di uscita: 13 gennaio 2022
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


For nearly eight years now, the defiant warlord otherwise known as Baptist has put forth a stark, austere style of black metal under the MAVORIM banner. With a couple demos, splits, and then two albums 2018's Silent Leges Inter Arma debut album and 2020's Axis Mundi - through PURITY THROUGH FIRE, MAVORIM has swiftly come to define the new breed of German black metal that hearkens back to the old guard: Teutonic to the bone, harsh and harrowing yet heralding triumph.

And while 2020 did see the release of Axis Mundi AND two splits with comrades TOTENWACHE and AD MORTEM, Baptist wastes no time keeping the conflagrating momentum going with MAVORIM's third full-length, Non Omnis Moriar. No more but definitely no less, Non Omnis Moriar is definitive MAVORIM through and through: cold, cutting, and martial but breathing passion and poignancy at every twisted turn. Whereas the preceding Axis Mundi saw Baptist exploring more epic and atmospheric textures, here does MAVORIM kick up the intensity once again, fully locked-in and reeking of bloodlust - BUT that insanely catchy songwriting that's come to earmark the band has been carried over here, and given a palpitating shot of adrenaline. And even with a runtime of 48 minutes, the ten songs comprising Non Omnis Moriar seem to fly by in a flash, and you're left licking your wounds on the battlefield...if you survive Baptist's berserker fury.

1 Prolog 2:35
2 Unendlich Ist Ihr Krieg 4:46
3 Eisenadler 5:37
4 So Hell Wie Ein Stern 5:25
5 Elfenblut 6:24
6 Engel, Ich Komm’ Zurück 4:58
7 Die Welt Erstickt 3:48
8 Im Kampf 6:58
9 Ich Klage Euch An 5:24
10 Epilog 1:33