NAHASHEOL - Serpens Abyssi - LP
NAHASHEOL Serpens Abyssi

Serpens Abyssi

€ 23,00

etichetta: Argento
Data di uscita: 28 novembre 2023
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


From the haunted shores of purgatory, a spectral entity cryptically summoned as Nahasheol rose from a cauldron of ominous shade carrying a will of draconian fire. With an inception dating back to last year, the enigma twisted waves under the sign of “Kaaosoth”, a three-song tome bursting with sinister ecstasy and sheer darkness. Now, a new vortex has been carved, a pathway into the realms of timeless chaos is unchained. Enter “Serpens Abyssi”! From the first moments of the belligerent opening “Arcanum Mortuus”, Nahasheol set the pathway to its journey, crafted from the nether regions with a blazing ardor of Black Metal devilry. Whether through fast impending rages of visceral wrath or alluring melodic strokes, a scorching ordeal of unholy riffing engraves a spiritual trail to the Luciferian mysteries with a poisonous drive, destructive electrical compulsions which permeate the whole record, ever hardening and potent, as varied as reeking with the essence of Black Metal tradition.

1. Arcanum Mortuus 00:00
2. The Aetheric Void 07:32
3. The Awakening 14:41
4. Bringer of Divine Ecstasy 20:55
5. Mambah Maa 27:58
6. Devan Thanatha 33:53