The Demos

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One of the earliest extreme German Metal bands: NECRONOMICON's earliest works: Demo 1 Total Rejection (1985), Demo 2 Blind Destruction (1985) and two tracks from the ‘Break Out’ compilation album 1986

Necronomicon is a German Thrash Metal Legend, founded in 1983. The band still exists today and has released eleven full length albums up till nowExtensive liner notes from Steven Willems with founding member Freddy (guitars and vocals). Restored, remastered by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony (Vio Lence, Sodom, Destruction). Cover art by Thomas Pinheiro (Vio Lence, Malevolent Creation, Hirax).

Genocide (Demo Total Rejection 1985)
Total Rejection (Demo Total Rejection 1985)
Rebel (Demo Total Rejection 1985)
Woman (Demo Total Rejection 1985)
Danger (Demo Total Rejection 1985)
Wehrt Euch (Demo Total Rejection 1985)
Intro (Demo Blind Destruction 1985)
Iron Charm (Demo Blind Destruction 1985)
Possessed by Evil (Demo Blind Destruction 1985)
Insanity (Demo Blind Destruction 1985)
Blind Destruction (Demo Blind Destruction 1985)
Bloody Revenge (Demo Blind Destruction 1985)
Possessed by Evil( Break Out compilation LP 1986)
Blind Destruction( Break Out compilation LP 1986)