NECROPHAGIA - Death Is Fun - 2LP

Death Is Fun

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nazione: USA
etichetta: Nuclear War Now
anno: 2022
formato: 2LP
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One of the earliest death metal bands to emerge from the American underground, Necrophagia paved the way for pretty much all extreme metal bands with their chaotic and necro sounds. Hailed by the likes of early Mayhem, Nunslaughter, Sigh and many others from the past and present. Unfortunately Killjoy left us prematurely but he left us with a back catalog/legacy that any musician can be proud of. This compilation double LP will contain every demo and rehearsal from the 80′s that lead up to their debut album Season of the Dead. The layout includes unseen photos and an A2 poster of the release poster for Season of the Dead.

A1 Autopsy On The Living Dead
A2 Death Is Fun
A3 Communion For Death
A4 Insane For Blood
A5 Rise From The Crypt
A6 Kill...
A7 Chainsaw Lust
A8 Demonic Possession
B9 Necrophagia
B10 Vomit
B11 Chainsaw Lust
B12 Death Is Fun
B13 Intense Mutilation
B14 Autopsy On The Living Dead
B15 Witchcraft
B16 Power Through Darkness
B17 Young Burial
B18 Chainsaw Lust
B19 Autopsy On The Living Dead
C20 Intro-Abomination
C21 Communion of Death
C22 Chainsaw Lust
C23 Black Apparition
C24 Nuns Have No Fun
Written-By – Mercyful Fate
D25 Demonic Possession
D26 Communion Death
D27 Chainsaw Lust
D28 Insane For Blood
D29 Necrophagia
D30 Death Is Fun
D31 Autopsy On The Living Dead
D32 Vomit