NEXUL Paradigm of Chaos

Paradigm of Chaos

€ 12,00

nazione: USA
etichetta: Hell's Headbanger
anno: 2017
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Compared to the more basic, bestial-intensive Nexulzifer, the NEXUL of Paradigm of Chaos is one that walks the threshold between all-consuming chaos and sheer insanity, between ravaging death magick and the ethereal vibrations both above and especially below: both heeding the boundless powers which drive them while disregarding/disrespecting any notions of "tradition." As the band explains, "This Paradigm of Chaos was conceived over three years, during which time we plunged into entropy and strife, either through our own making or tribulation from external forces. What has emerged is a corporeal/ethereal mirror, a destructive pattern woven of audial lunacy and spiritual fervour towards the Great Dragon that is called LEVIATHAN."