NON EST DEUS - Legacy (white vinyl) - LP
NON EST DEUS Legacy (white vinyl)

Legacy (white vinyl)

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Data di uscita: 26 maggio 2023
formato: LP
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The crown of thorns upon thy head. Blind and numb you wander the sinners path until enlightening comes upon you. Weary feet carrying thy broken legs towards Jerusalem. Incessantly searching for a never ending existence and craving for the good. And him is good. God.

From Hiob to Moses. From Noah to Jona. Relicts of long forgotten times guide the way through a meaningless life. A Legacy built on lies, death and decay. Our Legacy.

1.Hiob 05:10
2.Written on Tombstones 04:28
3.Amos the Prophet 04:25
4.The Canon of Nil 05:45
5.Redemption I 00:59
6.Redemption II 04:01
7.Thousand Years of Sand 04:50
8.Babylon 04:12
9.The Last Act 07:30