OBSIDIAN KINGDOM - A Year with No Summer - Ltd - LP
OBSIDIAN KINGDOM A Year with No Summer - Ltd

A Year with No Summer - Ltd

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nazione: SPA
etichetta: Season of Mist
anno: 2016
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


With sophomore album 'A Year With No Summer' featuring guest performances by Attila Csihar (MAYHEM) and Garm (ULVER), Spain’s OBISIDIAN KINGDOM move away from their extreme metal roots and towards a more progressive sound. There are still burning guitars and harsh riffing to be found, yet there is also simply much more of everything else. Contrasts, shifts, and raw emotions created and guided by intricate rhythm patterns, electronic tapestries as well as highlights are combined into a carefully composed musical painting of monumental dimensions. There are hints of the epic approach offered by such influences as PINK FLOYD and MARILLION, yet OBSIDIAN KINGDOM use a far darker range of colours on their pallet. There is a constant sense of drowning, darkness and depression threading through 'A Year With No Summer', which binds the wide stylistic range offered by its diverse song material together.

Blue Vinyl Limited to 125 copies