OKSENNUS Kolme toista

Kolme toista

€ 12,00 € 6,00

etichetta: NWN
anno: 2018
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Active since 2010, Finland’s Oksennus have already produced a staggering body of work. Through a series of demos and full-length cassette releases, the band painstakingly carved out a place in the underground landscape that has been largely untouched and uncorrupted. Stylistically eccentric, Oksennus’ music is a controlled departure from the constraints of genre, and, yet, the band nevertheless remains properly steeped in tradition. With this new album, Oksennus’ ambitious tendencies are on prominent display. “Kolme Toista” is as bold an artistic proclamation as one could expect in metal without stretching the fabric of the genre so thin as to leave it threadbare.