ONE OF NINE - Eternal Sorcery - CD
ONE OF NINE Eternal Sorcery

Eternal Sorcery

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etichetta: Wolves of Hades
Data di uscita: 07 dicembre 2023
formato: CD
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Disponibile dal 07 dicembre 2023

Eternal Sorcery! Eternal Sorcery! Eternal Sorcery!

Eight pummeling hymns of dark majesty with every note echoing the burden of piety to the Black Foe of the World.
No remorse will be found in the wailing vocals, coupled with intricate guitar work – blazing with catchy yet somber melodic leads and acoustic lines. And no rest will be felt in the rhythmic, percussive assault - a symbiotic swirling of song and sorcery.

Come and see! As they journey through sonorous blood and fire, as they carry the glorious spark of olden days into unknown eons, with an iron will and a fervor that shines beyond the pathetic perimeters of time and space, into a vortex of Black Medieval Sorrow!

Eternal Sorcery will drag the pitiable listener from the windless Sundering Sea to the Forgotten South of the World, beyond the borders of the sun-lit lands, to that final realm, where the dark nets of enshrouding gloom drape eternal.
They are One of Nine! This is Eternal Sorcery!

1. Lurkers of the Half-Light 01:15
2. The Silence of Heaven 03:55
3. Dark Magic River 05:04
4. Mother of Shadows 03:50
5. Moonlit Sacrifice 05:09
6. God Chain 05:06
7. Wrathful Rebirth 03:16
8. A Hunter Rides The Night 07:05