Opus Magorum - Opus Magorum - LP
Opus Magorum Opus Magorum

Opus Magorum
Opus Magorum

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etichetta: Inferna profundus
anno: 2022
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


The lore of paegan witchery and archetypal symbolism returns as the mystique of OPUS MAGORUM is unlocked.

Summoned by the enigmatic figure of Nocturnal Call of the Moon ( also in Ithaqua, The Gates of Sinn ) this recording dates back to 2013 where it was self-released to a small circle of individuals on 60 handnumbered copies, and still lies as one of the most well hidden secrets of greek Black Metal.

The atmosphere breading these tracks is deadly serious as each one is considered a key to unlock infinite archetypes within the mind and immerse the listener to a transcendental state of darkness. The long agonizing screams and the cold and distant sound preserve the purity of undefiable energy, demanding only pure devotion to decode it.

-180gr. Black vinyl. Limited to 150 copies.
-350gsm. LP cover with matt lamination. Black inside flood.
-LP sized insert
-Black poly-lined inner-sleeves

1.The Coming of Winter 00:51
2.Ablazing 01:43
3.The Vampyre 05:42
4.R'lyeh 01:41
5.Impalers Woods 06:17
6.Journey of the Psychonaut 06:09