ORANSSI PAZUZU - Muukalainen Puhuu - DIGI CD
ORANSSI PAZUZU Muukalainen Puhuu

Muukalainen Puhuu

€ 13,00

nazione: FIN
etichetta: Svart
anno: 2017
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Digipak CD
First Oranssi Pazuzu album reissued at last.
“During the last few years we have had many people asking from us about the availability of our earlier albums, the vinyl versions of both and also the debut cd being sold out for some time now. We have been promising a repress basically since 2011, when the vinyls first came out, and we are very happy to say this is finally being realized.
To us both Muukalainen puhuu and Kosmonument nowadays sound something like a different band, but they still embody many of our principal musical ideas in songs like Korppi or Kaaos hallitsee