ORANSSI PAZUZU - Värähtelijä (2LP) - 2LP
ORANSSI PAZUZU Värähtelijä (2LP)

Värähtelijä (2LP)

€ 26,00

nazione: FIN
etichetta: Svart Records
anno: 2020
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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Double LP gatefold cover
A 70+ minute sprawling voyage, ‘Värähtelijä’ more accurately represents the stunning live presence of the band where the songs often span new and previously unheard dimensions of form and structure. Not meant for genre purists, Oranssi Pazuzu are on a trip all their own; modern electric pioneers on an expedition to unlock the keys to the hidden spaces all around and inside us. 20 Buck Spin is pleased to once again present the innovative brilliance of Oranssi Pazuzu and ‘Värähtelijä’.