ORDER OF DARKNESS Order of Darkness

Order of Darkness

€ 16,00

etichetta: Amor fati
anno: 2017
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


The year of 2016 was witness to the unveiling of a new project from the USA, one which over the release of a couple of demos and a split cassette with fellow countrymen BLACK CITADEL spawned the devotion from Underground fanatics of the rawest, most inexorable Black Metal. One year later, the heinous fiend named ORDER OF DARKNESS returns, this time with its first full-length release. Summoned and captured over the course of three days, Vrej (Armenian for "Revenge") was ultimately assembled during a turmoil of chaos and upheaval in the existence of its creator. Drawn out of the tumult of said convulsion, Vrej is an amalgamation of absolute darkness, palpable, dense as a shrouded veil of intense gloom. Atmospherically distant while disturbingly imminent in its grasp, Vrej captures the raw, visceral essence of the demos, yet expanding its infectious foul nature to a different level.