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etichetta: Signal Rex
anno: 2019
formato: CD
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Hailing from the modern black metal hotbed of Iceland, ÓREIÐA are an enigma within a scene rife with enigmas. A nameless but by no means faceless entity, ÓREIÐA made its/their first public recording with Demó I in 2016, which was soon released on cassette and 7" vinyl formats at the beginning of 2017 by HARVEST OF DEATH. Ensorcelled by the entity's monolithic trance-out black metal, HARVEST OF DEATH released in late 2017 ÓREIÐA's one-track/20-minute Demó II on cassette, which was soon followed by a split 10" with Portuguese comrades HOLOCAUSTO EM CHAMAS the following year. 

1. Dagar 09:36
2. Draumar 07:03
3. Daudi 09:04
4. Draugar 08:36