OVER Facing Transcendence

Facing Transcendence

€ 12,00

etichetta: Avantgarde Music
anno: 2018
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Över was formed as a result of an immediate friendship between Þórir (Nyss) and 78424331 (Morto, Nihilisticon, Inhottavuus) at the end of the year 2017
After establishing a great trust they began to work on these songs and as they began to work on lyrics and music, they both realized that it would be better to create a new project because of the force they caused in their thoughts and ideas.
Thus arises this powerful but melancholic band. More than traditional black metal, it is music created from the root of all mental pains, but finds power in spiritual strength and transcendence after a long and tedious journey that is summarized in depression. Everything, one day will be over.
That is where Över resides.