OVERDRIVE - Reflexions (+ Bonus) - 2CD
OVERDRIVE Reflexions (+ Bonus)

Reflexions (+ Bonus)

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etichetta: Regain
anno: 2022
formato: 2CD
Condizione: Nuovo


CD 1
Tracks 1-5 from the original "Reflexions" EP
Tracks 6-7 from the "Rockslaget" compilation album
Tracks 8-13 from the Radio Blekinge Radio session

All tracks from the "Heavy Metal Night - Live In The Raw 1981" recording

CD1-1 Lady Luck
CD1-2 Girls Will Be Girls
CD1-3 High Infidelity
CD1-4 You (Give Me Hell)
CD1-5 Reflexions
CD1-6 Tonight
CD1-7 Damnation Angel
CD1-8 Armed & Ready
CD1-9 Delucive Heroes
CD1-10 Music For Pleasure
CD1-11 Doomwatch
CD1-12 Sign On The Line
CD1-13 Lost In Time

CD2-1 Today's World
CD2-2 Rock 'N Roll Hangover
CD2-3 Hard Rocking Man
CD2-4 Sign On The Line
CD2-5 20th Century
CD2-6 Lost In Time
CD2-7 Ladies Man
CD2-8 Doomwatch
CD2-9 Sympathize