PAARA - Yön olevainen puoli - LP
PAARA Yön olevainen puoli

Yön olevainen puoli

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etichetta: His Wounds
Data di uscita: 23 febbraio 2023
formato: LP
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Sylvan rituals manifest apparitions of nature and chaos through melodies that simultaneously mesmerize and pulverize any caught within their maelstrom. Shamanistic vocals primally rupture the earth with mystic fury supported by cataclysmic rhythms.
The tracks at times reach blistering assaults only to collapse into sirens calls of respite.
A dramatic shift halfway through takes the listener to a darkened world of folk, as a dichotomy unfolds of acoustic instrumentation and demonic vocals which is ultimately reversed with distortion and clean singing.
The album ends on the shattering of tranquility with summons of war and scarred ground.
A diverse mix of fiercely melodic and folk influenced dark art.