PESTLEGION - Sathanas Grand Victoria - LP
PESTLEGION Sathanas Grand Victoria

Sathanas Grand Victoria

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etichetta: Osmose
Data di uscita: 20 ottobre 2022
formato: LP
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With 'Sathanas Grand Victoria' PESTLEGION return with a grim black assault on all what is holy. Their 2022 album destroys all hope for a better future by focusing on the
essence of human lifes and efforts, it concentrates on death itself, the final victory
of the seducer of mankind. The four German maniacs composed eight songs which lead into a dark and lost existence, surrounded by fear and infernal thunder. PESTLEGION sound scapes are wide and dynamic but primitive and analogue at the same time.

Mixed and mastered by SODOM drummer Toni Merkel and backed up by Tom Angelripper's vocals, PESTLEGION clearly show that they deeply stick in the old school beginning of Black Metal but propel the genre to a new and ghastly highlight, compounding darkness, speed, brutality and atmosphere to a sheer cacophony ... supporting everything which sounds unholy or even dead.

295x black 12" (140g) in a microtene innerbag, printed innersleeve full-color on 220g, download card, jacket full-color printed on 350g, all assembled in a plastic overbag.

A1 Intro
A2 We Deny Thy Name
A3 The Portal
A4 Into The Golden Valley
A5 Ketzer Reim
B1 Sathanas Grand Victoria
B2 Adjuration Of The Elder Gods
B3 Entsage Gott
B4 The Warlock´s Curse