PITCHSHIFTER - Industrial - CD


€ 13,00

etichetta: Peaceville
anno: 2021
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Marking 30 years since its original release, a 2021 remaster of the genre-defining debut from Pitchshifter.

Creating stunning concoction of walls of unrelenting primal aggression with a punishingly stark and brutal sound, Pitchshifter had found a highly effective signature sound to build upon when they entered Lion Studios in Leeds, in September 1990 (with Industrial coming together in a mere 72 hour)s. Upon the album's release, the band found supported acts such as Napalm Death and Paradise Lost, and notably caught the attention of John Peel(who invited Pitchshifter to perform a prestigious Peel Session). 

CD with a 12 page booklet including lyrics, rare photos, an overview of the early era of the band from Mark Claydon,and an additional interview conducted by writer Kevin Stewart-Panko.

1. Landfill
2. Brutal Cancroid
3. Gravid Rage
4. New Flesh
5. Catharsis
6. Skin Grip
7. Inflammator
8. Eye