PUKEWRAITH - Banquet of Scum - LP
 PUKEWRAITH Banquet of Scum

Banquet of Scum

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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 14 febbraio 2024
formato: LP
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Black Vinyl

Sporting one of the best monikers around, PUKEWRAITH is a solo-project of Brendan Dean, erstwhile vocalist/guitarist of BLOOD HARVEST titans GUTVOID as well as a handful of other bands that currently includes Fumes, Soul Devourment, Wexler's Prime, Alucard, and Simulcra. Obviously, the man is super-busy as well as -talented, and while those talents run the metallic gamut (with an obvious affection for death metal), PUKEWRAITH is naturally his most traditionally gore-soaked work. The last couple years have seen an EP, split, and single, and finally the band's first full-length, Banquet of Scum.

A1 Grime Fiend 3:22
A2 110 Crushed 4:44
A3 Fleshmaster 3:39
A4 Mire Stench 5:31
B5 Cyclone Of Maggots 4:35
B6 Cruisin' With The Gravesmasher 4:37
B7 Mucklord 6:08
B8 Sunbound 2097 3:58