QUEST MASTER - The Twelve Castles - CD
QUEST MASTER The Twelve Castles

The Twelve Castles

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Data di uscita: 18 giugno 2021
formato: CD
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"The 3rd full length from Australia's Quest Master. "The Twelve Castles" is a continuation and refinement of the sounds and ideas explored in "Lost Songs of Distant Realms". A love letter to the RPG's of the 1990's, recorded with classic Casio and Yamaha keyboard tones."

1. Mountain Fortress of Brimstone Valley 02:35
2. Night Garden Labyrinth of Bloomvale Castle 01:52
3. The Deep Citadel of the Earthen Basin 03:05
4. The Secluded Manor of the Fernhollow Woodlands 02:27
5. Forsaken Bellmire Swamp Spire 02:09
6. Grand Harps of Hearthmill High Tower 03:28
7. The Vast Expanses of the Midland Stronghold 02:30
8. Twisting Hallways of the Dancer’s Palace 01:56
9. The Engulfing Ember Moat of the Skeletal Throne 02:17
10. King’s Ward of Supreme Nobility 01:56
11. The Gravelord’s Catacomb Capitol 03:07
12. Incorporeal Keep of the Clouds 02:40