RAUM - Cursed By The Crown - DIGI CD
RAUM Cursed By The Crown

Cursed By The Crown

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etichetta: Les acteurs de l'ombre
Data di uscita: 22 marzo 2023
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


RÄUM was founded in 2020 in Liège - Belgium. The project emerged during the pandemic and offers a journey through the hopes, vices, fears and the decadence of human kind.
It reveals the vacuity and the auto-destructive nature of the human soul, leading to an endless movement of rise and fall. Like a demon, it needs to burn our world to the ground to reborn again.
Expressing a raw and multi-influenced Post Black Metal, the band creates desolate and melancolic atmospheres through oppresive and sometimes chaotic sonic wave.