REAPING FLESH - Abyss of Existence - LP
REAPING FLESH Abyss of Existence

Abyss of Existence

€ 15,00

etichetta: Dusktone
anno: 2024
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


- limited to 100 copies
- 12" LP Vinyl, Side B is blank and features a silkscreen printed band's Logo.
- Insert

Released on CD and tape in June 2023, "Abyss Of Existence" got attention in Europe and overseas for its brand of floridian old school death metal. Dusktone has decided to reissue this debut in VINYL on March 1st, 2024.

"Reaping Flesh hail from Milan, Italy, 2023 but could easily be from Tampa, United States, 1987. Citing Autopsy, Massacre and Death as their main influences, Reaping Flesh have dropped their first music in the form of debut EP Abyss of Existence. Clinging closely and intentionally to their influences, Abyss of Existence is a total rager" (Decibel Magazine)

"Reaping Flesh is everything you could want in a modern old school death metal band. They've got heaps of riffs piled atop stomach-churning vocals and varied drumming, an EP cover reminiscent of Morbid Angel, and a logo that's practically begging to be slapped on a four-sided longsleeve." (Metal Injection)

"The ability of Reaping Flesh is precisely that of being able to give freshness to rhythmic riffs embedded now in time, succeeding in that intent to drag the listener inside their very personal abyss. A first vague that leads us to place an eye on a new underground reality to be followed closely" (

1.Garden of Grief 01:16
2.Elements of Life 03:35
3.Lies of Existence 05:15
4.Self Incarnation 03:15
5.Pit of Eternity 02:44
6.Fear Without Shape 06:30