REQUIEM - Nunc Et Semper - LP
REQUIEM Nunc Et Semper

Nunc Et Semper

€ 22,00

etichetta: Nuclear War Now
anno: 2022
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Italian heavy doom horror!
Originally released on tape by Minotauro Records in 1989, this LP collects the earliest studio recordings of Requiem. Eight raw yet powerful tracks of occult-based doom metal for fans of early Death SS, Paul Chain, and Black Hole.

A1 A Periculo Mortis 5:35
A2 Angels Night 3:22
A3 Orationis 1:10
A4 Requiem 7:03
B1 Destruction In The Dark 4:44
B2 Rhapsodia 2:21
B3 Post Mortem Vale 6:46
B4 Dies Irae 4:04